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welcome to the nightwood

The Nightwood is a culinary venture offering one-of-a-kind experiences in food. We are a private event space, creative incubator, and home to a rotating series of classes, including butchering instruction through Portland Meat Collective. Even in Portland's groundbreaking food scene, we felt like there was room for something totally new –immersive dining that creates a sense of community through food and design.

The Nightwood is owned and run by an all-women collective, but let's be clear: everyone is welcome! If you are as passionate about thoughtfully produced food, beautifully designed spaces, and creative collaboration as we are, then we want to get to know you. We love sharing our enthusiasm and can't wait to say: Welcome to The Nightwood. Come on in!


The Nightwood Society Farm 2 Turntable DJ Party


We're always down for a good party! Whether you need an extravagant sit-down feast for a family gathering or a cocktail/dance party and small bites for your company gathering, we can transform our space for any size event. We don't call it Wonderland for nothing! We love helping you look good for your boss and our producers are always up for a challenge. Whatever you can dream up...we got you!


Curious Kids Cooks Camp

Is there a better place for a kid to get their hands dirty than in the kitchen? We think it’s the BEST place to explore, experiment, and get a little messy! A child learning to cook stimulates the imagination, kindles a curious palate, and promotes exploration and learning about one of the most fundamental things: food. The Nightwood Society is offering a culinary camp "Curious Cook Camp" to help boys and girls develop their kitchen skills and nurture their own love of food. We will cook, taste, and play each day, plus go on adventures to discover where our food comes from and how it gets on the table. Our week-long camp wraps up with a feast prepared by your kids for two of their special guests.




We love our home on NE Broadway but we're nomads at heart. Nothing makes us happier than being outside, harvesting from the land and cooking with what we have. 

The Nightwood Society loves to produce one-of-a kind off-site experiences. We provide food and/or design services for events in Portland, the Willamette Valley and beyond. We are happy to work with your coordinator or team or utilize our own talented staff to facilitate at signature

Nightwood experience in every aspect from food, beverage, service, rentals, aesthetic, floral, design, music and art installations.

Our motto is ...If you can dream it, we can do it. We love being challenged to conceive and produce new ideas. Our talented team of designers, artists, chefs and producers are dedicated to bringing magic to life in the complete sensory experience. We produce large scale events such as product launches, festivals and farm dinners as well as more intimate events like weddings, birthday parties and team workshops.